Launch Group type

In the IDE, you can launch multiple applications at the same time, or in sequential order, using the launch configuration type called Launch Group.

Launches tab

For the Launch Group configuration type, the Launches tab lets you add and delete launch configurations for a group. It also allows you to temporarily disable, reorder, and edit properties of the elements in the group.

Component Description
Name Displays the name of the launch configuration and provides an option for enabling or disabling the configuration.
Mode Displays the mode that the configuration will run in when the group is launched.
Action Displays the optional action that will be carried out after the configuration is launched.
Up Move the selected configuration(s) up in the list order.
Down Move the selected configuration(s) down in the list order.
Add… Opens a dialog to add a new configuration to the group.
Edit… Opens a dialog to edit values for configuration(s).
Remove Removes selected configuration(s) from the list (the launch group).

Common tab

The Common tab lets you select where the IDE stores the configuration. For information about this tab, see Common tab.

Edit Launch Configuration dialog

Component Description
Launch Mode The Launch Mode dropdown list at the top of the dialog indicates the desired mode for the launch configuration being added, and it establishes a mode filter for the launch configurations in the area below the dropdown list. For example, if you select debug mode, only those launch configurations that support being invoked in debug mode appear, and when the launch group is invoked, that particular launch configuration will be invoked in debug mode.
Filter input Filters the launch configuration in the Launch Group list. Type descriptive text to filter the list of configurations by name.
Configurations tree Lists all available launch configurations for the selected Launch Mode type, filtered by Filter input.
Use default mode when launching This option overrides whatever mode is set in the Launch Mode dropdown list. Selecting this option indicates that an individual launch configuration in the group should be launched in the mode used to initiate the Launch Group launch. Note that a launch configuration can be invoked from either the Debug or the Run actions (and some comparable Profile action in certain configurations/products); the launch group itself can be launched either in Debug or Run mode. If you select the Use default… option, you're indicating to the IDE that you want to launch this particular configuration in the mode that the Launch Group was launched with. If the option isn't selected, then the configurations in the Launch Group will be invoked in whatever mode each individual configuration is currently set to. Note that the Use default… option might let you create a launch group that won't be successful. For example, an unsuccessful launch can occur when one or more of the selected launch configurations can't be launched in the mode dictated by the Launch Group mode.
Post launch action There are several actions available that control what should be done after each launch: Delay waits a specified number of second before launching the next configuration in the group, Wait until terminated waits until the current launch is terminated, and None proceeds to launch next configuration immediately.