Copy a new version of qconn to a target system

After you've installed the IDE, you may need to update qconn on your target systems to take advantage of some additional features. The IDE will work with older versions of qconn, but not all features will be available. How you do this depends on your target system; you might have to build a new image, or you might simply have to copy the new version to your target.

To copy a new version of qconn to a target system:

  1. Use slay qconn on the target to stop any existing running qconn.
  2. Copy $QNX_TARGET/target/usr/sbin/qconn to your target system's /usr/sbin directory.
  3. Ensure that the qconn in the target's /usr/sbin directory is executable; if it isn't, use chmod +x to make it executable.
  4. On the target, launch the new qconn.