Toolbar icons

Note: The icons and menu items are context-sensitive. For example, you can use the Terminate action to kill a process, but not a stack frame.

The icons available from the Toolbar are:

Action Icon Hotkey Description
Remove All Terminated Launches

F8 Clear the Debug view of all terminated launches.

  Rerun the process from the beginning.

F8 Run the process freely from the current point.

  Regain control of the running process.

  Kill the process.

  Terminate the connection between the debugger and the remote debug target.
Step Into

F5 Step forward one line, going into the function calls.
Step Over

F6 Step forward one line without going into the function calls. Note that the remaining code that was skipped by stepping is still executed.
Step return

F7 Return from the function that was stepped into. Note that the remaining code that was skipped by returning is still executed.
Drop To Frame

  Re-enter the current stack frame in the Debug view.
Instruction Stepping Mode

  Toggle whether the operators work on machine instructions, or source code only.
Use Step Filters

  Change to use step filters to filter out types that you don't want to see and/or step through while debugging in the current Debug View.