Set properties of breakpoints and watchpoints

After you've set your breakpoint or watchpoint, the IDE unconditionally halts the program when:
To set the properties for a breakpoint or watchpoint:
  1. In the Breakpoints view, right-click the breakpoint or watchpoint and select the Properties… item. (For breakpoints only, in the C/C++ editor, right-click the breakpoint and select Breakpoint Properties….)
  2. Use the Common panel to modify the watchpoint's behavior.

  3. In the Condition field, enter the Boolean expression to evaluate. The expression may be anything that can be evaluated inside an if statement (e.g. x > y). The default is TRUE.
  4. In the Ignore Count field, enter the number of times the breakpoint or watchpoint may be hit before it begins to take effect (not the number of times the condition is true). The default is 0.
  5. To restrict the breakpoint to specific threads, make sure they're selected in the Filtering panel:

  6. Click OK. When in debug mode, your program stops when it meets the conditions you've set for the breakpoint or watchpoint.