Menu commands for the Rendering pane

The Rendering pane context menu inside the Memory view includes:

Command Description
Add Rendering Add a memory rendering pane to show a memory monitor item at a different address, or in a different format.
Remove Rendering Remove the selected rendering from the Memory view.
Reset To Base Address Reset the Rendering pane to the original base address.
Go To Address Open a text box to specify a memory address. Press Enter to go to that address and show it in the Rendering pane.
Resize to Fit Adjust the size of the columns to fit the size of the data being shown in the Memory view.
Show/Hide Address Column Toggle the display of the Address column in the memory view.
Format Open a dialog to specify column and row format.
Copy To Clipboard Copy the selected portion of the Rendering pane to the clipboard.
Properties Open the properties for the selected item.
Add Watchpoint Open a dialog to set a watchpoint that will stop the program's execution whenever the value of an expression changes. Watchpoints are event-specific and take effect whenever a specified condition is true.