Menu commands

The Registers view context menu commands include:

Command Description
Add Register Group Opens the Register Group dialog, which lets you define a register group that is shown in the Registers view.
Assign Value Assigns a value to the selected register.
Cast To Type Opens the Cast To Type dialog to change the selected instance to a different datatype.
Change Value Opens the Set Value dialog to change the value of the selected register.
Content Assist Opens a content assist dialog at the current cursor location.
Copy Copies the currently selected text (or element) to the clipboard.
Copy Registers Copies the register names and contents to the clipboard.
Create Watch Expression Converts the selected register into a watch expression.
Cut Copies the currently selected text (or element) to the clipboard, and removes the element.
Disable Disables the selected register.
Display As Array Opens the Display As Array dialog, which lets you specify the start and length of the array.
Edit Register Group Opens the Register Group dialog to edit the selected register group.
Enable Enables the selected register.
Find Opens the Find dialog, which lets you find specific elements within the view.
Find/Replace Opens the Find/Replace dialog.
Format Select a format type: Binary, Decimal, Natural, or hexadecimal.
Max Length Opens the Configure Details Pane dialog, which lets you set the maximum number of characters to display.
Paste Pastes the current clipboard content as text.
Remove Register Group Removes the currently selected register group.
Restore Default Register Groups Restores the original register groups.
Restore Original Type Returns the selected register to the original type.
Select All Selects all the content of the editor.
Wrap Text Activate to wrap the text content within the visible area of the Details pane of the Registers view.