Menu commands

The Memory view toolbar icons include:

Icon Command Description

New Memory View Create a new memory view.

Pin Memory Monitor Select to pin the memory monitor on top of all other memory monitors.

Toggle Memory Monitors Pane Show/hide the Memory Monitor pane.

Toggle Split Pane Toggle the Memory Renderings pane split.

Link Memory Rendering Panes Synchronize the selection of two memory renderings.

Switch Memory Monitor When more than one memory monitor is active, select a different memory monitor to view.
Menu > Layout Switch the Monitors and Rendering panes display between horizontal and vertical orientation.
Menu > Preferences Opens the Preferences window allowing you to set options.


Reset Memory Monitor — to set or reset only visible or all renderings when resetting a memory monitor.

Padded String — enter strings to show memory that is not retrievable.

Select Codepages — specify the standard to use to convert memory to ASCII and EBCDIC strings.

Menu > Table Renderings Preferences Specify the memory loading mode to use when rendering scrolls to the end of the buffer.