Code Coverage Sessions view

The Code Coverage Sessions view lets you control and display multiple code-coverage sessions:

Figure 1. Viewing Code coverage sessions in the Code Coverage Sessions view.

The view shows the following as a hierarchical tree for each session:

Session item Description Possible icons
Code coverage session Launch configuration name, coverage tool, and start time (e.g. ccov102_factor [GCC Code Coverage] (7/2/03 2:48 PM))

Project Project name and amount of coverage (e.g. ccov102_factor [ 86.67% ])

File Filename and amount of coverage (e.g. ccov102_factor.c [ 86.67% ])

Function Function name and amount of coverage (e.g. main [ 100% ])

The IDE uses several icons in this view:

Icon Icon Color Meaning

White No coverage

Yellow Partial coverage

Green Full (100%) coverage

(cell is highlighted) Out-of-date source file
x Red An error marker to indicate some type of error (e.g. a code coverage data file was not found, or an error reading data or notes files).

The IDE also adds a coverage markup icon () to indicate source markup in the editor. (See the Examine data line-by-line section, below.)

To reduce the size of the hierarchical tree, you can click the Collapse All ( ) button.