Examine data line-by-line

The IDE can show the line-by-line coverage information for your source code. In the Figure below, the left margin of the editor shows a summary of the coverage (whereas the right margin shows color-coded bars), by showing green check marks for fully covered code, a red cross for each line not covered, and a yellow ball icon for each partially covered or a block of collapsed code.

Figure 1. Code Coverage Editor view

Opening a file in the Code Coverage perspective

To open a file in the QNX Code Coverage perspective:

  1. In the Code Coverage Sessions view, expand a session and double-click a file or function.

Code coverage markers are added to the left pane of the opened file.

Showing coverage information for a specific session

To show coverage information from a particular session:

  1. In the Code Coverage Sessions view, select a session. The IDE shows all of the various markers.

Showing coverage information when opening a file

To automatically show coverage information when opening a file:

  1. Open the Preferences dialog (Window > Preferences).
  2. In the left pane, select QNX > Code Coverage.
  3. In the right pane, check the desired markers in the Coverage markup when file is opened field.
  4. Click OK. The next time you open a file, the markers appear automatically. To add markers from another session, add them manually, as described above.

Removing coverage markers

To remove all coverage markers:

  1. In the Code Coverage Sessions view's title bar, click the Remove All Coverage Markers button ().