Specify a workspace location

To redirect the IDE to reference different workspaces:

  1. Navigate to the directory where the qde.exe executable (for Windows) or the qde script (all other hosts) resides.
  2. Run the following command: ./qde -data path_to_workspace where path_to_workspace is the location of your working directory.

This command launches the IDE and specifies where you want the IDE to create (or load) the workspace folder.


Don't use spaces when naming a project or file; they might cause problems with some tools, such as the make utility.

For Unix-type hosts (such as Linux and QNX Neutrino), filenames are case-sensitive, but for Windows they're not. For this reason, don't use case alone to distinguish files and projects. For example, Hello.c and hello.c refer to the same file in Windows, but they're two separate files for a Unix-type system.