Create Image
If Yes, the IDE builds this image when you build your project.
Remove File Time Stamps?
If Yes, file timestamps are replaced by the current date/time.
Image Name
Name of the .ifs file saved in the Images directory during a build.
CPU Type
Your target's processor (e.g. armle).
Page Align Image?
If Yes, files in the image are aligned on page boundaries.
Image Mount Point
The path where the filesystem is mounted in the filesystem. By default, the location is /proc/boot.
Default Target Location
The default path where the filesystem is located when the boot process completes. By default, the location is /proc/boot.
Compressed (.ifs only)
If set to something other than No, the QNX System Builder compresses the directory structure (image filesystem) section of the image. The directory structure includes procnto, the boot script, and files. You might enable compression if you want to save on flash space or if the BIOS/ROM monitor limits the size of your image.
Boot Script (.ifs only)
Name of the file that contains the boot script portion of a buildfile. Boot script files have a .bsh extension (e.g. prpmc800.bsh).