Set the final format of your OS image

You'll use the Final Processing section of the Create New Image dialog to set the final format for your image:
  1. In the Create New Image dialog, check the Final Processing box.
  2. In the Offset field, enter the board-specific offset. This setting is generally used for S-Record images.
  3. In the ROM size field, enter the size of the ROM.
  4. In the Format field, select the format from the dropdown menu (e.g. SREC, Intel hex records, binary.)
  5. Click OK.

For more information of the final processing of an OS image, see mkrec in the Utilities Reference.

Many boards have a ROM monitor, a simple program that runs when you first power on the board. The ROM monitor lets you communicate with your board via a command-line interface (over a serial or Ethernet link), download images to the board's system memory, burn images into flash, etc.

The QNX System Builder has a TFTP server that you can use to communicate with your board.

Note: If your board doesn't have a ROM monitor, you probably can't use the download services in the IDE; you'll have to get the image onto the board some other way (e.g. JTAG). To learn how to connect to your particular target, consult your hardware and BSP documentation.