Add files to your image

When you add files, you can either browse your host filesystem or select one or more files from a list of search paths:

Browse method
If you choose files by browsing, you'll probably want to configure the project to use an absolute path so that the IDE always finds the exact file you specified (provided you keep the file in the same location). Note that other users of your project would also have to reproduce your setup in order for the IDE to locate files.
Select method
Select files from a preconfigured list of search locations. We recommend that you use this option because it's more flexible and lets others easily reproduce your project on their hosts. You can add search paths to the list.

Note that the IDE saves only the filename. When you build your project, the IDE follows your search paths and uses the first file that matches your specified filename. If you specify a file that isn't in the search path, the build will be incomplete. To learn how to configure your search paths, see the section Configure project properties in this chapter.

To add items to your image:
  1. In the Images pane, right-click the image and select Add Item, followed by the type of item you want to add:
    • Binary
    • Shared Library
    • DLL
    • Symbolic Link
    • File
    • Inline File
    • Directory
  2. Select an item (e.g. Binary) from the list.
  3. Select either the Search using the project's search paths or the Use selected absolute path(s) option. (We recommend using search paths, because other users will be able to recreate your project more easily.)
  4. Click OK. The QNX System Builder adds the item to your image, as you can see in the Images pane.