Making a boot image that includes your minidriver

Until this point, you will have a startup program (including your minidriver code) that has been compiled. Now include this startup program in the Neutrino boot image and try out the minidriver.

There are some basic rules to follow when building a boot image that includes a minidriver:

The boot image shouldn't be compressed. Decompression of the boot image modify the timings defined by the mdriver_max() copy size. Your boot image should have the following image type defined:
[virtual=ppcbe,binary] .bootstrap = {

Note that the keyword +compress isn't included in this line. You should change the ppcbe or binary entry to reflect your hardware and image format.

Startup program
After you compile your startup program that includes the minidriver, make sure to specify this startup program in your buildfile.

For example, for the Media5200b board, if you compile your startup program as startup-mgt5200, you should copy it to ${QNX_TARGET}/ppcbe/boot/sys/startup-mgt5200-mdriver, and then change your buildfile to include startup-mgt5200-mdriver.

For more information and sample buildfiles, see the Sample Drivers for Instant Device Activation chapter of this guide.