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Appendix: Where QNX Files Are Found

This appendix covers the following topics:

A typical directory structure

QNX modules are stored according to the kind of services they provide. The following diagram gives an overview of the general directory structure in a typical QNX installation:

Directory structure

Summary of file locations

To find: Look in:
system executables /bin
OS image Makefile /boot
build files to make images (the make utility reads these) /boot/build
OS image files /boot/images
system processes needed at boot time /boot/sys
initialization and other files /etc
sysinit and configuration files /etc/config
software release information files /etc/readme
technical notes /etc/readme/technotes
default location for temporary files /tmp
more executables /usr/bin
header (*.h) files for the C compiler /usr/include
libraries for the C compiler /usr/lib
terminal capabilities files /usr/lib/terminfo
work files for system spoolers and queues /usr/spool
a user's home directory /home/username

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