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Bring a window to the front and give it focus


void PtWindowToFront( PtWidget_t *widget );


This function brings the specified window widget and all its child windows to the front of the workspace and gives the front window focus. To do this, the function sends a message to the Window Manager. The Window Manager may switch consoles if the specified window isn't within the current workspace.

Note: There's no way to move a parent window in front of its child. If you want to be able to move one window in front of another in your application, they must be siblings. For example, to make a window a sibling rather than a child of the base window, set the window's parent to NULL.


PtWidget_t   *my_window;

/* bring my window to the front */
PtWindowToFront( my_window );



Interrupt handler No
Signal handler No
Thread No

See also:

PtWindowToBack(), PtWindowFocus()

PtForwardWindowEvent(), PtWidgetToBack(), PtWidgetToFront() in the Photon Library Reference

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