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Allocate a new item


PtTreeItem_t *PtTreeAllocItem( 
                  PtWidget_t const *tree, 
                  const char *string,
                  short set_img,
                  short unset_img );


This function allocates a new item. The item's string is copied from string.

The set_img argument is the index of the image that's displayed when the item is set, and unset_img is the image displayed when it isn't set. An item is considered set if its flags masked with the Pt_ARG_TREE_IMGMASK resource of the widget give a nonzero value.

The image must be already present in the widget: if an index given to the PtTreeAllocItem() function isn't smaller than the current image count, it's changed to -1. A value of -1 means "no image."

Note: Use the PtTreeAddFirst() and PtTreeAddAfter() functions to add the new item to a tree structure.



Interrupt handler No
Signal handler No
Thread No

See also:

PtTree, PtTreeAddAfter(), PtTreeAddFirst(), PtTreeAddImages(), PtTreeFreeAllItems(), PtTreeFreeItems(), PtTreeItem_t, PtTreeModifyItem()

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