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Create a translation table for PtTerminal's character sets


PtTerminalCsXlatData_t *PtTerminalCreateCsXlat( 
    PtTerminalCharsets_t const *csets );


This function creates a translation table for the character sets used by PtTerminal. The PtTerminalCsXlatData_t structure is for internal use only; you must use this function to create it.

The csets argument is a pointer to a PtTerminalCharsets_t structure that defines the character sets and their translation.


A pointer to a PtTerminalCsXlatData_t structure that you can use to set the Pt_ARG_TERM_CHARSETS resource of a PtTerminal widget.

Note: PtTerminalCreateCsXlat() doesn't make a copy of the PtTerminalCharsets_t structure pointed to by csets, and PtTerminal doesn't make a copy of the PtTerminalCsXlatData_t structure when you set Pt_ARG_TERM_CHARSETs. Don't free these structures until they're no longer needed by any widget.

The PtTerminalCsXlatData_t structure created by PtTerminalCreateCsXlat() is placed in a single allocated block of memory. When it's no longer needed, you can simply free() it.



Interrupt handler No
Signal handler No
Thread No

See also:

PtTerminal, Pt_ARG_TERM_CHARSETS, PtTerminalCharsets_t

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