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Unlink an item


void PtFSRemoveItem( PtWidget_t *fs,   
                     PtFileSelItem_t *item );


This function unlinks the given item together with its children from its parent and brothers (if any) and sets the item->parent and item->brother fields to NULL.

The fs argument must point to the PtFileSel widget containing the item, or be NULL if the item doesn't belong to any file selector.

Note: If fs is NULL and the item has no parent but has a previous brother, the function won't be able to find the previous brother and will unlink the item from its brother. The function does nothing if item->parent and fs are both NULL.

PtFSRemoveItem() never clears the Pt_TREE_ITEM_EXPANDABLE flag in the item's parent.



Interrupt handler No
Signal handler No
Thread No

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