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PtSignalProcF_t, PtSignalProc_t

Pointer to a signal-handling function


typedef int PtSignalProcF_t( int, void *);
typedef PtSignalProcF_t *PtSignalProc_t;


These data types define pointers to signal-handling functions. The PtSignalProcF_t type is the function type that the PtSignalProc_t type points to. This allows you to do something like this:

PtSignalProcF_t my_signal_proc;

int my_signal_proc( int, void * ) {

The compiler should detect any inconsistencies between the two declarations of my_signal_proc() and give you an error (which is better than a "pointer mismatch" warning on the call to PtAppAddSignalProc()).



See also:

PtAppAddSignalProc(), PtAppRemoveSignal(), PtAppRemoveSignalProc()

Interprocess Communication in the Photon Programmer's Guide

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