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Deliver a pulse to a process


int PtPulseDeliver( pid_t rcvid, 
                    PtPulseMsg_t const *pulse );


This function sends a Photon pulse to a process. Before this function can be called by the process that's delivering the pulse, the process that's going to receive it must:

The rcvid argument to PtPulseDeliver() is the ID obtained when the pulse deliverer received the pulse message from the pulse recipient. The pulse argument is a pointer to the pulse message created by PtPulseArmFd() or PtPulseArmPid().

Note: A non-Photon application can call this function; there's a macro version of it defined in <photon/PtPulseDeliver.h>. If you use it, you won't have to link your application with the Photon libraries.


A nonnegative number, or -1 if an error occurs - errno indicates the type of error detected.



Interrupt handler No
Signal handler Yes
Thread Yes


The version of this function defined in <photon/PtPulseDeliver.h> is a macro.

See also:

PtAppCreatePulse(), PtAppDeletePulse(), PtAppPulseTrigger(), PtChannelCreate(), PtPulseArmFd(), PtPulseArmPid(), PtPulseDisarm()

Interprocess Communication and Lengthy Operations in the Photon Programmer's Guide

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