Capture content from a display


screenshot [-display=display_id]

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino


Set the display ID (integer) or the connection type (string) to the display. If you provide an integer, Screen interprets the integer as the indication of the display identifier. Otherwise, if you provide a string, Screen interprets the string as the display connection type. The connection type of display port can be one of the following strings:
  • internal
  • composite
  • svideo
  • YPbPr
  • rgb
  • rgbhv
  • dvi
  • hdmi
  • rgbhv
Specify the filepath of the screenshot. If this option isn't specified, then the output will be stored in screenshot.bmp.
Set the size, using integer values for width and height, of the screenshot (default is fullscreen).


The screenshot utility is a command-line tool that's used capture content from a display. Once the content is successfully captured, screenshot saves the captured content in bitmap format in the specified filepath.

To run the screenshot utility:

  1. Ensure that screen is running.
  2. Run screenshot from a shell.