Configure wfd device subsection

The wfd device subsection specifies the OpenWF Display libraries and parameters.

This section must begin with begin wfd device device_id and end with end wfd device. Include this section in your configuration file only if your system requires display drivers.

Typically, there's only one wfd device section. Therefore, conventionally, you set the device ID to 1.

Below is an example of a wfd device section of a graphics.conf file:
  begin wfd device 1
    wfd-dlls =
    grpx0 = lcd
    grpx1 = hdmi
    grpx2 = hdmi
    video-layer0 = lcd
    video-layer1 = hdmi
  end wfd device

The parameters that can be configured under the wfd device section are platform-specific. You must obtain the valid parameters for your platform by running the use command on the libraries for your platform:


The use command will display a message describing the specific parameters and libraries to configure for your particular platform. These libraries are located in the following directory:


where PROCESSOR is the name of the CPU, e.g., armle-v7) and platform is the name of the platform that's your target (e.g., imx6x).