Configure egl display subsection

The egl display subsection specifies the GPU libraries and parameters.

This section must begin with begin egl display display_id and end with end egl display. Include this section in your configuration file only if your system requires graphics drivers.

Typically, there's only one egl display section. Therefore, conventionally, you set the display ID to 1.

Here's an example of an egl display section:
begin egl display 1
  egl-dlls = [IMG%s] libIMGegl.soD
  glesv1-dlls =
  glesv2-dlls =
  gpu-dlls =
  gpu-string = SGX540rev120
  aperture = 200
end egl display

Most of these libraries and parameters are provided in the default graphics.conf configuration file delivered with your platform.

Note: This egl display section is not related, in any respect, to physical displays, or to the display subsection of the winmgr section.


The following are valid parameters that can be configured under the egl display subsection:

Parameter Description Type Possible value(s)
aperture The number of MB of GPU memory to allocate at startup Integer Range varies
blit-dll The blitter that's associated to a required GPU. String



cl-dlls The OpenCL client libraries for your platform. String

egl-dlls The EGL libraries String

glesv1-dlls The OpenGL ES 1.X libraries String

glesv2-dlls The OpenGL ES 2.X libraries String

vg-dlls The OpenVG libraries String

gpu-dlls The GPU libraries String

gpu-string The SGX core. The gpu-string will determine core-specific behavior. String