Set the power mode on a port


#include <wfdqnx/wfdcfg.h>
typedef int( wfdcfg_ext_fn_set_power_mode_t)(struct wfdcfg_port *port, enum wfdcfg_power_mode power_mode);




A function prototype for WFD drivers that choose to implement an extension when there's a request to the set power mode.

This function type must take the following arguments:
  • wfdcfg_port: A handle to the display port whose power mode is being set
  • wfdcfg_power_mode power_mode: The power mode (of type wfdcfg_power_mode) that the display port is to be set to
It must return a code from errno.h. Possible codes include:
  • EINVAL when an invalid port of power mode is passed
  • EOK on success