Structure that describes the video timing parameters for the display driver settings


#include <wfdqnx/wfdcfg.h>
struct wfdcfg_timing {
    uint32_t pixel_clock_kHz;
    uint32_t hpixels;
    uint32_t vlines;
    uint16_t hsw;
    uint16_t vsw;
    uint16_t hfp;
    uint16_t vfp;
    uint16_t hbp;
    uint16_t vbp;
    uint32_t flags;
} ;


uint32_t pixel_clock_kHz
Frequency (in kHz) that pixels are transmitted at.
uint32_t hpixels
Width (in pixels) of the display.
uint32_t vlines
Height (in lines) of the display.
uint16_t hsw
Width (in pixels) of horizontal sync pulse.
uint16_t vsw
Width (in lines) of vertical sync pulse.
uint16_t hfp
Horizontal front porch (in pixels)
uint16_t vfp
Vertical front porch (in lines)
uint16_t hbp
Horizontal back porch (in pixels)
uint16_t vbp
Vertical back porch (in lines)
uint32_t flags
Bitmask of wfdcfg_flags values.