Configuring Screen for your display

You need to configure your display in graphics.conf and restart Screen.

Configuring wfd device section

In your configuration file (graphics.conf), on your target, you need to specify the Wfdcfg library (or libraries) and any parameters related to your display device. In the wfd device section, ensure that you have the appropriate libraries specified for your display. For example,

  begin wfd device 1
    wfd-dlls =
    grpx0 = lcd
    grpx1 = hdmi
    grpx2 = hdmi
    video-layer0 = lcd
    video-layer1 = hdmi
  end wfd device

You need to configure one wfd device section for each display you are using.

For more information on configuring Screen, refer to the Screen Developer's Guide.

Restarting Screen

Ensure the following:

To apply your new display configuration:
  1. On your target, from the command line, stop screen by using the following command:
    slay screen
    You can verify that the screen process is no longer running by using the following command:
    pidin ar
  2. If not already set, ensure that your LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set to correct paths..

  3. Restart screen.
  4. Verify that there were no warnings generated from your new configuration by using the following command:
  5. Use any of the available sample Screen applications to verify that your display has been correctly integrated for use with your target. For example:

For more information on applying your Screen, configuration, refer to the Screen Developer's Guide.