Control class: _NTO_TRACE_CONTROL

The _NTO_TRACE_CONTROL class includes events related to the control of tracing itself.

Event traceprinter label IDE label Emitted when:
_NTO_TRACE_CONTROLBUFFER BUFFER Buffer The instrumented kernel starts filling a new buffer
_NTO_TRACE_CONTROLTIME TIME Time The 32 Least Significant Bits (LSB) part of the 64-bit clock rolls over, or the kernel emits an _NTO_TRACE_CONTROLBUFFER event

The purpose of emitting _NTO_TRACE_CONTROLBUFFER events is to help tracelogger and the IDE track the buffers and determine if any buffers have been dropped. The instrumented kernel emits an _NTO_TRACE_CONTROLTIME event at the same time to keep the IDE in sync (in case a dropped buffer contained an _NTO_TRACE_CONTROLTIME event for a rollover of the clock).