Network Manager (net_pps)

PPS interface to QNX network manager


net_pps [-n] [-a] [-c file] [-p prefix] [-r name] 
        [-S uid] [-s] [-u] [if0 [...ifN]] &

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino


Automatically configure any discovered interfaces when the link state indicates that the interfaces are connected.
-c file
Specify the configuration file to use (default: /etc/net_pps.conf). This file stores persistent net_pps settings so the service can be configured identically whenever it's launched at startup, which ensures that the QNX network manager behavior stays the same. Generally, you don't need to modify the default Networking Middleware configuration file or use this option to name another file unless you really need to customize networking behavior.
Set dhclient options based on version 4.1-ESV-R13 or later. If used, this argument must be first in the options list.
-p prefix
Add this prefix to all executable paths. This option requires the -s option.
-r name
Create a routing domain called name that uses the list of interfaces specified after this option on the command line. The list of interfaces is mandatory when using -r. For information about specifying this list, see the if0 [...ifN] description below.
-S uid
Run subprocesses as this uid.
Use standard filepaths for subprocess executables (defaults: system=/usr/sbin/ user=/usr/bin/).
Assume the interface is connected based on its up state. This allows shim drivers and drivers that don't issue link state changes to work.
if0 [...ifN]
Specify the prioritized list of interfaces to be considered for multihomed operation, preference of default routes, confstr resolver configuration, etc.
When -r is used, this list is mandatory and must be provided somewhere after -r name. Otherwise, this list is optional.


The net_pps service offers a PPS interface for communicating with the QNX network manager service, which implements the TCP/IP stack. The Network Manager component in the Networking Middleware C API interacts with this service through numerous PPS objects. Because client applications are meant to use the C API and no longer talk directly to net_pps through the PPS objects, these objects aren't documented. However, for the C API calls to have any effect, you must launch this service during system startup.

The net_pps service launches the DHCP client, dhclient, and uses it to request IP addresses from the Wi-Fi access point (server) when configuring station (i.e., client) interfaces.

For information about QNX support for networking, see Networking Architecture in the System Architecture guide.