Update a Saved Network profile


#include <qwf/qwf_wifi.h>
qwf_wifi_Results_e qwf_wifi_UpdateSavedNetwork(qwf_Context_t *pCtx,
                                uint16_t networkId,
                                qwf_wifi_SecurityProtocol_e newProtocol,
                                qwf_wifi_FrequencyBand_e newBand,
                                uint16_t newPriority,
                                const char *const pNewBssid,
                                const qwf_wifi_Ssid_t *const pNewSsid);


A pointer to the QWF service context created by qwf_Init()
The network profile ID given by qwf_wifi_CreateSavedNetwork()
A qwf_wifi_SecurityProtocol_e constant specifying the new authentication protocol to use
A qwf_wifi_FrequencyBand_e constant specifying the new frequency band used by the access point
The new network selection priority for the profile within an ESS with the same SSID. A lower value means a higher priority, with 1 being the highest. 0 means the network selection will be based only on the strongest signal of the available access points and not the priority.
An immutable string containing the new BSSID (MAC address) to connect to when an access point has multiple hardware addresses within an ESS with the same SSID. A NULL value means that the profile will connect to the access point that has the strongest signal.
A pointer to a qwf_wifi_Ssid_t structure containing the new SSID. This can be NULL if you're not changing the SSID.




This function updates a Saved Network profile. The updated profile settings are persisted over power cycles.

Before calling this function, the client application must set all parameters needed for authentication, by calling the following functions as needed:

If the client wants to use the optional background scanning feature when the profile is connected to an access point, they must also call qwf_wifi_SetBgScanMode() to set the background scan parameters before updating the profile.

All input variables must be set, even for unchanged values, except for pNewSsid, which can be NULL if you're not changing the SSID. Calling qwf_wifi_UpdateSavedNetwork() doesn't affect the “enabled” setting of the Saved Network.


WIFI_OK Successful result

WIFI_ERR_PARAM pCtx is NULL, the network profile ID is 0 (which is invalid), or the QWF Wi-Fi Manager context can't be retrieved

WIFI_ERR_INT The QWF Wi-Fi Manager service couldn't issue the request or read the response