Query the available Wi-Fi access points found in the latest scan


#include <qwf/qwf_wifi.h>
qwf_wifi_Results_e qwf_wifi_GetScanResults(qwf_Context_t *pCtx,
                              uint8_t *const pNumEntries,
                              qwf_wifi_ScanResult_t *const pResultArray);


A pointer to the QWF service context created by qwf_Init()
A pointer to an unsigned 8-bit integer that initially specifies the number of scan result entries requested. The function updates this variable with the number of entries written into pResultArray. The new value represents the number of available access points and may be less than what was requested.
A pointer to memory for storing an array of qwf_wifi_ScanResult_t objects, which will contain data for individual access points




This function queries the Wi-Fi Manager service for the available Wi-Fi access points found in the latest scan. The function writes an array of qwf_wifi_ScanResult_t objects into the space pointed to by pResultArray; these objects store the access point data.

The client must allocate enough array memory to store the number of entries requested by pNumEntries. The function updates this variable so it contains the actual number of array entries written (in case it's less than what was requested).


WIFI_OK Successful result

WIFI_ERR_PARAM A pointer argument is NULL, or pNumEntries initially contains 0

WIFI_ERR_INT The QWF Wi-Fi Manager service couldn't issue the request or read the response, or there wasn't enough memory for the requested array size