1. Installing QNX SDP on the development host

Boot your Linux, macOS, or Windows system and download the QNX Software Center archive from the Download area on our website, www.qnx.com. Follow the instructions given in the installation note and on the screen. Once you've installed the QNX Software Center, use it to install QNX SDP. Instructions on doing so are found in the QNX Software Center User's Guide.

When you install QNX SDP, the QNX Software Center will prompt you for your myQNX credentials. When you enter them, it retrieves the license keys assigned to your account and you just have to accept one. If it doesn't find any keys, contact the license manager in your organization so they can assign you a key, or access your License Certificate and use the information within it to manually register a license to your account.

For information about confirming which licenses have been assigned to you and viewing your SDP 7 license certificates, see the QNX Software Center User's Guide.