4. Creating a program project

Start the QNX Momentics IDE on your development host:

The first time you start the IDE, it asks you to choose a workspace, a folder where it can store your projects and other files. The IDE then displays its Welcome page. When you're ready to start, click the Workbench icon in the upper right corner:
Workbench icon

Now create a project: from the File menu, select New > QNX Project, and then select QNX Executable:
New QNX C Project

Click Next. In the resulting dialog, give your project a name:
Naming a project

Leave Use default location checked and Add project to working sets unchecked, and then select a CPU architecture for the binary you're creating.

Click Finish. A ready-to-use project structure with a makefile is created for you, including a small program (“Hello World!!!”), which you'll find in an automatically generated source code file.

The IDE now switches to the C/C++ perspective, which features the navigator, the editor, and other useful views, areas that display information that's relevant to the task at hand:
C perspective