5. Communicating with the QNX Neutrino RTOS

Your target system must be able to respond to requests from the development environment. To make this possible, the target must be running the qconn program. If you didn't see it earlier in the output of pidin, you can start qconn from the console:

qconn &

To access your target system from the IDE and run applications on it, you have to create a target connection. Click on the on: box in the launch bar at the top of the IDE window, and select New Launch Target.
Add New Target

Choose QNX Target and click Next.

If you wish, you can uncheck Same as hostname and provide a name for your target system. Enter its IP address in the corresponding field:
Target configuration

Click Finish. If you want to see what's running on the target, open the System Information perspective by clicking on its icon (System Information button) in the right side of the toolbar and then select your new target in the Target Navigator.

In the System Summary view, you will see a list of all processes in your QNX Neutrino RTOS system:
System information

The views (the tabs at the top) provide other information and you can find even more views in the Window menu under Show View.