C applications

Note: You need to rebuild your binaries. You can't run binaries from an earlier version of the OS on QNX Neutrino 7.

We've discontinued some QNX 4 functions:

Instead of using: Use:
atoh() strtoul()
chsize() ftruncate()
_cmdfd() No direct replacement
eof() Check the result of read()
fgetchar() fgetc(stdin)
flushall() fflush(NULL)
fputchar() fputc(c, stdout)
getprio() pthread_getschedparam() or SchedGet()
input_line() No direct replacement
setprio() pthread_setschedparam() or SchedSet()
strcmpi(), stricmp() strcasecmp()
strnicmp() strncasecmp()
strnset(), strset() memset()
tell(), tell64() lseek(fd, 0, SEEK_CUR)

We've replaced the Dinkumware math library; the new version of libm is based on FreeBSD's, with a few functions from NetBSD's. The .so number has changed from 2 to 3. The differences include:

For more information about the changes to the libraries, see the release notes.