QNX Momentics IDE

QNX SDP 7 includes a redesigned Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that makes it easier to develop, debug, and analyze the performance of applications.

This IDE release, IDE version 7, features a new UI that automates many steps in building and running applications, as well as new integrated tools, which give you more options for finding memory bugs and for measuring memory usage and performance of applications.

The major changes are:

Reusing existing workspaces

If you want to reuse a workspace that contains projects and user settings defined with an earlier IDE version, we recommend that you back up that workspace before running the IDE for the first time and selecting to use it. We haven't fully tested workspace backwards compatibility and can't guarantee its full reliability.

Importing projects defined with earlier IDE versions

If you want to import projects defined with earlier IDE versions, we recommend that you make a copy of any such projects before trying to import them into the IDE version 7. We haven't fully tested project importing and can't guarantee its full reliability.

Support for earlier QNX SDP versions

You can change the Software Development Kit (SDK) selection to use a toolchain from an earlier QNX SDP version, to write applications targeted for that platform version. The IDE version 7 can work with the SDK from QNX SDP 6.5 SP1, 6.6, and 7. Thus, you can have installations of multiple SDP versions on the same development host.