Loading QDB databases

To load a database into QDB:
Copy an existing configuration object or, from a client application using the open() and write() system calls, output the list of configuration attributes and values into the config subdirectory under the PPS configuration path (/pps/qnx/qdb/).
The configuration object is a text file, accessed through PPS, that lists database parameters as attribute-value pairs. This file must name the database storage file and can optionally name SQL command files that define the schema of the database and populate it with initial data, as explained in Database configuration objects.

QDB parses the configuration object's contents and tries to load the database with the same name as the object. QDB then creates a status object that indicates the database state after the loading attempt. If the storage file named in the configuration object doesn't exist, QDB creates the storage file and if directed, populates the database with initial data.

Note: The directory that will contain the new storage file must exist before you start loading the database. Otherwise, the loading fails and QDB sets the status to Error.