QNX Neutrino 7.0 documentation update October 2017

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Prepend a U-Boot image header to an image

Changed content

Note that setting a stack size that's insufficient for the startup of the process, including space for arguments and environment variables, may cause unexpected early failures of the process execution.
  • We've documented the new mbutf option.
  • We've added more details about the umask option.
We've documented the new lnk option.
We've documented the sysfile option; the hidden and lnk options are new.
We've documented the new lnk option.
  • The length of the key depends on the type of encryption; see the description of the -t option.
  • The write-key command has been discontinued.
  • The status_accuracy option isn't available as a key in the [GLOBAL] section of the audio configuration file.
  • You can now pass configuration options from a file using a driver-specific configuration file when you dynamically load a driver. We've documented a new config option, how the unit option has been extended to specify a [CTRL] section to use, and how to use the driver-specific configuration file.
The value of the naming option can now include a third character that governs the naming of GPT partitions.
After sending a SIGTERM signal to a process, this utility sends a SIGCONT signal, in case the process had earlier been stopped.


  • In order for you to tag files for migration, the source and destination domains must be unlocked.
  • A domain doesn't have to be unlocked for you to delete it.
  • We've corrected the descriptions of the .[salt.]str and #str forms of the -k option.
  • You must use the -t option to specify the type of encryption when you use the change-key, check-key, and unlock commands.
  • You can specify a domain of 0 (using the -d option) to remove encryption.
  • If you assign a domain to a directory or empty file, the domain replaces any domain previously assigned to the path.
We've documented the sw_mixer_limiter key int the [CTRL] section of the audio configuration file.
The value of the family variable for the flush command must be -inet or -inet6.