Query the hostapd daemon from a command-line client


hostapd_cli-version [-p path] [-i ifname] [-Bhv] [-a path]
                 [-P pid_file] [-G ping_interval] [-s dir_path]
                 [command ...]

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino


-a action file
(QNX Neutrino 6.6 or later) Run in daemon mode executing the action file based on an event from hostapd.
(QNX Neutrino 6.6 or later) Run as a daemon in the background.
-G ping_interval
(QNX Neutrino 6.6 or later) The ping interval, in seconds. The default is 5 seconds.
Help (how to use the utility).
The interface on which to listen. The default is the first interface found in the socket path.
-P PID_file
(QNX Neutrino 7.0 or later) Specify the location of the PID file.
The path to find control sockets. The default path is /var/run/hostapd.
(QNX Neutrino 7.0 or later) The directory path to open control sockets. The default is /var/run/hostapd.
Show the version information.


Get the MIB variables for all stations.
deauthenticate addr
Deauthenticate a station.
disassociate addr
Disassociate a station.
Show the current configuration.
Show usage help.
interface [ifname]
Show the interfaces or use the ifname parameter to select a specific interface.
level debug level
Change the debug level.
Show the full hostapd_cli license.
Get the MIB variables (dot1x, dot11, radius).
new_sta addr
Add a new station.
Exit hostapd_cli.
sa_query addr
Send an SA query to a station.
sta addr
Get the MIB variables for one station.
wps_pin uuid pin [timeout] [addr]
Add a WPS enrollee PIN.
wps_check_pin PIN
Verify PIN checksum.
Indicate button pushed to initiate PBC.
Cancel the pending WPS operation.
wps_nfc_tag_read hexdump
Report read NFC tag with WPS data.
wps_nfc_config_token WPS | NDEF
Build an NFC configuration token.
wps_nfc_token WPS | NDEF | enable | disable
Manage an NFC password token.
wps_ap_pin cmd [parameters...]
Enable or disable an AP PIN.
wps_config SSID auth encr key
Configure AP.
Show the current WPS status.


Use the hostapd_cli utility to obtain the current authentication status of the hostapd daemon and get MIB variables such as dot1x, dot11, and radius.

The number in the hostapd_cli utility name indicates the WPA version it supports. For example, hostapd_cli-2.5 supports version 2.5.

The hostapd_cli utility supports two modes: interactive and command line. Both modes share the same command set. To start interactive mode, run the hostapd_cli utility without any parameters on the command line and then enter hostapd_cli commands at the prompt. In command-line mode, enter hostapd_cli commands as command-line arguments.