Debugger (GNU)


gdb_variant [options] [executable] [ core_file | pid ]

gdb_variant [options] --args executable [ inferior-arguments ...]

where gdb_variant depends on the target platform, as follows:

Target platform gdb_variant
ARMv7 ntoarmv7-gdb
AArch64 ntoaarch64-gdb
x86 ntox86-gdb
x86 64-bit ntox86_64-gdb

Runs on:

Linux, Mac, Microsoft Windows


Invoke the GNU Debugger by running gdb. Once started, gdb reads commands from the terminal until you tell it to exit.

Note: If you start gdb from the command line on a QNX Neutrino system, gdb sets the LD_BIND_NOW to 1 to force all binding to be done immediately instead of lazily. For more information, see Optimizing the runtime linker in the Compiling and Debugging chapter of the QNX Neutrino Programmer's Guide.

For more information about GDB, see

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