Driver for the SMSC 9500, 9500A, 9514, 9530, 9730, and 89530 USB dongles


io-pkt-variant -d smsc9500 [option[,option ...]] ... 

where variant is v4-hc or v6-hc.

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino


Note: Use commas, not spaces, to separate the options.
The USB bus number.
The USB device number.
Half (0) or full (1) duplex mode. The default is automatically detected on supported hardware. If you specify duplex, specify speed as well; if duplex alone is specified, it is ignored and both speed and duplex are autonegotiated.
Connect to the specified USB stack. The default is /dev/usb/io-usb-otg.
Keep the driver loaded across device insertion and removal. The behavior depends on whether or not you specify busnum and devnum:
pnp specified? busnum and devnum specified? Behavior
No No The driver scans the bus and attaches any devices that it finds at this point. If no devices are found, then the driver isn't loaded. If it is loaded, it handles insertions and removals of devices until all devices are removed, at which point the driver is unloaded and will need to be loaded again to handle further device insertions.
No Yes The driver attaches only to the specified device. It doesn't handle device removal and instead expects an ifconfig sc0 destroy to remove it, at which point the driver is unloaded as well.
Yes No The driver is loaded and stays loaded even in the absence of any devices. The driver handles all insertion and removal events directly, and even when all devices are removed, it remains resident and ready for any future insertions.
Yes Yes This combination is invalid.
The media data rate in megabits/second.
verbose or verbose=N
Be verbose. Specify num for more verbosity (num can be 1-4; the higher the number, the more detailed the output). The default is 0. The output goes to slogger2; invoke slog2info to view it.


The driver supports the SMSC 9500, 9500A, 9514, 9530, 9730, and 89530 USB dongles. Its interface names are in the form scX, where X is an integer.


Start io-pkt-v6-hc using the SMSC9500 driver:

io-pkt-v6-hc -dsmsc9500 verbose
if_up -p sc0
ifconfig sc0