Protocol module

The networking protocol module is responsible for implementing the details of a particular protocol (e.g., Qnet).

Each protocol component is packaged as a shared object (e.g., One or more protocol components may run concurrently.

For example, the following line from a buildfile shows io-pkt-v4-hc loading the Qnet protocol via its -p protocol command-line option:

io-pkt-v4-hc -d abc100 -pqnet
Note: The io-pkt* managers include the TCP/IP stack.

Qnet is the QNX Neutrino native networking protocol. Its main purpose is to extend the OS's powerful message-passing IPC transparently over a network of microkernels.

Qnet also provides Quality of Service policies to help ensure reliable network transactions.

For more information on the Qnet and TCP/IP protocols, see the following chapters in this book: