Message-passing API

The message-passing API consists of the following functions:

Function Description
MsgSend() Send a message and block until reply.
MsgReceive() Wait for a message.
MsgReceivePulse() Wait for a tiny, nonblocking message (pulse).
MsgReply() Reply to a message.
MsgError() Reply only with an error status. No message bytes are transferred.
MsgRead() Read additional data from a received message.
MsgWrite() Write additional data to a reply message.
MsgInfo() Obtain info on a received message.
MsgSendPulse() Send a tiny, nonblocking message (pulse).
MsgDeliverEvent() Deliver an event to a client.
MsgKeyData() Key a message to allow security checks.

For information about messages from the programming point of view, see the Message Passing chapter of Getting Started with QNX Neutrino.