Choosing the version of the OS

You can install and work with multiple versions of QNX Neutrino. Whether you're using the command line or the IDE, you can choose which version of the OS to build programs for.

QNX Neutrino uses these environment variables to locate files on the host machine:

The location of the configuration files for the installed versions of QNX Neutrino.
The location of host-specific files.
The location of target backends on the host machine.

In QNX SDP 6.5, a system profile sets up these environment variables; for later releases, you need to run a script:

where base_directory is where you installed QNX SDP. The name of the script depends on the release and the development host:

Release Windows Linux Mac
QNX SDP 6.6 qnx660-env.bat Not supported
QNX SDP 7.0 qnxsdp-env.bat
Note: In QNX SDP 6.6 or later, you need to set up the environment in every command-prompt window that you want to run the tools in.

For the command-line tools, how you choose which version of the OS to build programs for depends on how you installed QNX SDP:

Here's what qconfig does:

To start the IDE:

You can also choose the build target if you're using the IDE; see Version coexistenceSwitching between SDKs in the Reference chapter of the IDE User's Guide.