Authenticate on RADIUS protocol


facility control_flag [use_first_pass]  
    [try_first_pass] [echo_pass] [conf=pathname] [nas_id=identifier] 
    [template_user=username] [nas_ipaddr=[address]


Use the one most recently entered and fails if there is none. Does not prompt for a new password.
Try to use the most recently entered password and, if none has been entered, prompt for a new one.
Leave echoing on if pam_radius prompts for a password.
Location for the RADIUS client configuration file, if not /etc/radius.conf.
Use this NAS identifier, instead of the host name.
If the name supplied does not exist in the local password database, use the password entry for username as a template to create the session environment. If username is not provided with this option and an equivalent one does not exist, authentication fails.
The NAS IP address to use. If an address is not specified with this option, use the IP address of the current hostname.


Use the pam_radius module to base PAM authentication services on the RADIUS protocol.

Note: The PAM module syntax does not stand alone and is contained within the context of the PAM configuration command. See the Security Developer's Guide for more information about system authentication, configuring PAM, facilities, control flags, examples, and how QNX Neutrino uses the OpenPAM framework.

Service category:

This module belongs to the auth PAM service category.

Exit status:

Returns success if it authenticates on the RADIUS protocol.

Returns failure if it does not authenticate on the RADIUS protocol.