Execute a command


facility control_flag [debug] [seteuid] command [argument, ...]


Write a LOG_DEBUG message to the system log.
By default, the command is executed with the userid of the calling process. Use the seteuid option to run it with the effective userid instead.
The name of the command to run. It can optionally be followed by its arguments.


Use the pam_exec module to run an external command.

Note: The PAM module syntax does not stand alone and is contained within the context of the PAM configuration command. See the Security Developer's Guide for more information about system authentication, configuring PAM, facilities, control flags, examples, and how QNX Neutrino uses the OpenPAM framework.

Service category:

This module belongs to all of the PAM service categories:

Exit status:

Returns success if the command runs. Returns failure if the command does not run succeed or if no command is specified.