If you're using a beta…

If you're using a beta version of the product (i.e., you're on QNX Software Systems' list of beta sites), all the above information is critical, because you'll typically be using different versions of the software than what is released.

Note, however, that the technical support department generally doesn't handle telephone support of beta products. The only way to get help on these is to post in the conference or, if the developer has requested direct contact, talk to the developer. Posting is generally the best solution anyway, because then other members of the beta conference can see what problems are out there and can learn what the solution is (i.e., if it's a bug, what the workaround for it is). In any event, the above information is crucial in order to determine which products you have from the beta release and which ones are stock.

Also, keep in mind that if you're talking with a developer, they often have a million things on their plates and might not be able to get back to you right away. Sending a friendly “ping” reminder after a few days doesn't hurt. Sending a demanding one after 15 minutes will not gain you any new friends!

An issue that frequently comes up with betas is that you may forget to install an update. Due to the way that the beta process works, missing an update may cause strange behavior on your system. Certain new drivers or resource managers may behave differently towards their respective client programs than they did in previous versions.

In this case, you should ensure (because the support staff will ask!) that you have indeed installed all the beta updates in the order listed.