Make careful use of the default boot script

The script section in the buildfile, which we provide, normally has many components commented out for a minimal system. Uncomment these components as required, but first determine what you actually need. Here are some that you can comment out to improve performance:
The system logger, which allows QNX components to report errors, is useful during development. However, your production systems may not have any way to access the errors reported. If so, you don't need slogger2 (or slog2info for that matter) in the final build. You can also remove slogger2 if you use your own logging subsystem.
Supports the POSIX pipe facility (for instance, ls | more). You can also use pipes programmatically, without resorting to scripting. Many embedded systems don't use pipes, so you might be able to remove this.
devc-pty and qconn
Also needed for debugging and development, these could be removed for production systems.