Web-Counter resource manager

The Web Counter is presented in three design phases. The web directory includes a Makefile for the entire project, as well as a directory for each phase.

Phase I consists of the following files:
  • 7seg.h—manifest constants and declarations for the 7-segment render module
  • 7seg.c—a 7-segment LED simulator that draws images into a memory buffer
  • gif.h—manifest constants and declarations for the GIF encoder
  • main.c—main module

You'll also need a GIF encoder.

Phase 2 adds the following:
  • 8x8.h—manifest constants and declarations for the 8 by 8 dot render module
  • 8x8.c—an 8 by 8 “dot” font generator
Phase 3 includes updated versions of the files from phases 1 and 2.