I'd like to extend a gracious “Thank You” to many people who helped out with this book.

First, the QNX Software Systems folks. John Garvey's support when I was writing the RAM-disk section was invaluable. A lot of the behavior of the functions is obscure, and John patiently answered all my questions in the conferences, especially about symlinks. Brian Stecher reviewed copies of the book, provided the foreword, and supplied many details of the /proc filesystem that I wouldn't have been able to fathom on my own. Peter van der Veen also reviewed the book, and supplied insightful comments on the /proc filesystem and resource managers. Dan Dodge, David Gibbs, Adam Mallory, Peter Martin, Kirk Russell, and Xiaodan Tang reviewed the book and pointed out key omissions and clarified many of the issues involved. Kirk also helped out with the “horror” of mkisofs :-)

Other reviewers included David Alessio, Kirk A. Bailey, Bill Caroselli, Mario Charest, Rick Duff, and Alexander Koppel (who took me to task on several topics, thank you!). Thanks for taking the time to read through the book and for your comments; this book is better because of your efforts!

Once again, (for the third time now), Chris Herborth was tricked into editing this book. Thanks for putting up with my writing style and my demands on your time, Chris!

Finally, John Ostrander reviewed the final cut of the book, and once again provided his outstanding and patient copy-editing finesse.

My wife put up with my crawling off to the basement (again) but at least this time she was busy with school :-) Thanks Christine!

Century Aluminum

I worked for Century Aluminum on contract during the spring/summer of 2003. They were converting their aluminum smelter lines to use QNX Neutrino, and needed a few device drivers written to manage data acquisition. Out of this was born the ADIOS chapter—my sincere thanks to the people involved with the project for letting me use the source code I developed.